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The Foundation For Infant Massage
and Family Bonding
(A Division of LifeSongs)


Baby PaigeJoin us in teaching Infant Massage for expectant parents, parents of babies, toddlers and older children. Become a Certified Infant Massage Bonding Educator (CIMBE) in our three-day certification course. Enjoy complimentary advertising on this site as well as technical support and networking by The Foundation.

There are organizations in existence today whose educational preparation for their instructors have remained the same for decades. The needs of families and professionals constantly change over time and programs must change also. The curriculum's scope and direction must be assessed in order to meet the preparation of instructors and the needs of the families they serve. Success is measured in many ways but one indicator is relevance. Through research and development, The Foundation evaluates the success of their instructors by their marketability and job placement.  Complimentary advertising is offered to all our instructors on this Web site and no dues are paid.

Our Trainers have been teaching for many years and are skilled in the dynamics of bonding and the continuum of family life. They impart to the course participants an enthusiasm for making a difference!

Our Instructors are prepared in three distinct areas of teaching and can choose the area(s) in which they would like to teach. They are provided with a diversity of skills which they can implement in their hospital, agency, school or community, certifying them as parent educators, not "hands on" practitioners.

These certified instructors assist families by choosing one or more areas in which to teach.
• Prenatal Bonding: Attachment parenting starts prenatally, fostering the bond between the expectant parents and the parents' bond with their unborn child.
• Infant Massage: Loving massage teaches appropriate, nurturing touch for a baby to grow on and change, as the child matures.
• Family Dynamics: Parenting strategies strengthen the family as they grow, addressing issues of consistent, loving discipline, family bonding and the stresses of modern family life.

Bonding and Relaxation Techniques (BART) is a separate one day continuing education program to address the needs of developmentally delayed populations of infants, children and young adults through stroking techniques. This program was started in 1989 and successfully continues today in the United States and eight other countries around the world. To learn more, go to the BART page.

If you have been a BART Educator for at least one year and feel ready to become a Trainer, please contact Lisa Davis. A Level II training course is periodically offered.

The Foundation for Infant Massage and Family Bonding
is an affiliate of:
The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children ( aTLC )

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