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The Foundation For Infant Massage
and Family Bonding


About Us

The Foundation for Infant Massage and Family Bonding was established in 1996 by Evelyn Guyer, RN, BSN, CE. The goal of the Foundation is a commitment to educate professionals and families alike in the power of appropriate, nurturing touch through-out the continuum of family life.

Professionals are choosing to become Certified Infant Massage Bonding Educators (CIMBEs) to refine their skills in working with families. Childbirth Educators, nurses, PT's, OT's, MT's, early intervention specialists, speech therapists, social workers, doulas, lactation consultants, community health workers and others, have seen the positive changes in attachment bonding.

Tracy and PaigeResearch studies confirm the importance of nurturing touch in the healthy growth and development of infants and children (Field) as well as the physical and emotional growth of youngsters (Patton and Gardner).

According to Dr. William Sears, "a nurturing relationship attuned to the child's needs" fosters a strong foundation for trust, security and independence. This kind of response effects the child's social and cognitive development (Homeier). If infants are not supported and have low levels of touch and human attention, there will be "negative" effects on brain development (Palmer) in infancy and in their future brain development.


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